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My Services

 We  offer Drop in visits, overnight in home pet sitting, Doggie play visits, Dog walking, Equine exercise and Farm animal care.

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Pet Visits

Dog, Cat etc Visits

Pet Care In visits are designed to make it enjoyable for you pet to stay at home while you travel. We recommend 1-3 visits per day depending on your pets needs. 

Rate: Drop in starts at $35/per pet for a -30 min visit(Feeding, letting the pet out to use the bathroom, chaining water and lots of love for the pet are in included in this visit).

Please note: Additional Mile fee may apply depending on your location                                   

Extra 4$ for Federal Holiday Visits

Extra $5 for additional pet

$40 for a 40-min visits and includes letting the pet out in the fenced in yard or a 20-min walk, feeding, and a bit of play/cuddle time. 

Please note: Additional mileage charge may apply depending on you location. Find out more by contacting us for a quote.    

Additional $5 for extra pet


Dog Walking/Dog play dates

Dog Walks

Ask about our monthly dog walk pacs, individual walks or Doggy playdates where we take your pup to the beach or the dog park for some fun but not too much sun


Equine Exercise

A confident rider you can trust

I offer horse conditioning and exercise: You can rely on a strong confident rider that your horse gets exercised. I'm happy to work with young/ green horses that need more"miles on them" If your looking to get your horse in better shape but don't have the time for riding I will exercise your Horse for you. 

Rate: $50/per 45min ride (1x time feed may be included upon request)

Mileage fee applies for drive time if location is further than 10 min drive from Makawao. 

Image by Stijn te Strake

Farm Animal Care

Let us take care of your farm animals

Farm &  Ranch Care

I have a wealth of experience taking care of horse farms and caring for multiple Pets and Farm Animals at the same time.  Depending on your farm care needs services can range from feeding according to their daily feeding routine, mucking out pens, cleaning and refill of water drafts, grooming, blanketing horses, changing out fly masks, collecting chickens eggs,  watering plants, picking up mail,  restocking feed, exercising animals and always plenty of play and snuggles. The care routine will be customized for your Farm/ Ranch needs. The animals safety and care is my outmost priority.

Rates: Farm animal care visit where multiple animals are cared for start at $50 for 1-hour visit minimum. Contact us at 808 250 1341 to get a quote for your farm animal care needs.

Holding Ginger Cat

Overnight Pet Sitting

12hr overnight in home pet sitting $90

Let us care for your pet at the comfort of their home while you travel. This service is great for pets who are young/very, have a special medical condition or pets that suffer from separation anxiety. In addition it suits clients that prefer someone who is looking after the house and posting presence while they travel.

Pet sitting usually starts at 6:00 Pm and the sitter leaves at 6:00 Am but the time interval may be customized to your pet care needs.

Includes a 20 min walk in the evening and in the morning.

Add on:

$10 for additional pet

30min $35 midday visit to let your pet out for a potty break and some midday cuddles. Please note: Additional mileage charge may be applied depending on the service area.

$20 for additional hour added after initial 12hr time period.

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