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Vets on Maui - These are vets we have worked with and groomers and farriers we use

Aardwarks to Zebras Inc:

Address 500 Naalae Rd, Kula, HI 96790 Tel: (808) 878



Dr Kaufman is Heidi's go to vet here on Maui. He is located in lower Kula and like the name states he helps animals from aardvarks to Zebras.

At Home Animal Hospital:

Centrally located, compassionate care


Animal Hospital and Wellness Center


Makawao Veterinary Clinic: Offers Equine services as well 

Farriers: We Love Mary Klein at Perfect Hoof Fit (808)870 4606

For emergencies after 5:00 PM

Central Maui Animal Hospital

Our Favorite Dog Beds:

We love Scandinavian Sheepskin rugs! Dogs LOVE to lay on them. It keeps them cool during the summer and warm and cozy in the winter. And they look good in your house. Perfect for up country weather. We bring them from Finland. They last a lifetime and are easy to care for.Feel free to inquire!


Beaty and the Beast:
104 Hoomaha Road
Makawao HI 96768 
Claire Castro: 808 281 3100

Pet and Equine Resources: FAQ
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