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Exploring Maui with Your Canine Companion: Best Dog-Friendly WalksMaui, with its stunning landscapes and inviting weather, is not just a paradise for humans but also for our four-legged friend

If you're a dog owner looking to explore Maui's beauty alongside your canine companion, you're in for a treat. From sandy beaches to lush hiking trails, Maui offers a diverse range of dog-friendly walks that will surely get tails wagging.

  1. Wailea Beach Path: This picturesque coastal walkway in Wailea offers breathtaking ocean views and a paved path perfect for leisurely strolls with your furry friend. Make sure to stop and let your dog enjoy the sandy shores and gentle surf along the way.

  2. Makawao Forrest reserve: Enjoy the cooler upcountry air and take advantage of the shade the forrest provides for both you adn your four legged friend. A popular dog walking trail-your furr baby is sure to meet others dogs on the way.

  3. Hosmer Grove Trail: If you and your pup enjoy forested walks, the Hosmer Grove Trail in Haleakalā National Park is a must-visit. This moderately easy trail offers a refreshing escape into a native Hawaiian forest, complete with chirping birds and cool mountain air. Our pet sitters are happy to take your dog on adventure day and go to any of the above locations with your pup. More about adventure days can be found under our services tab. Our pet sitting service also offers dog walks and doggy drop in visits.

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