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How Many Dog visits should I book with a pet sitter? -Maui

When you are getting ready to book dog care visits with your local pet sitting company many dog owners may wonder how many visits a day should they book? Well it all depends on your dogs breed, age and care needs. Our pet sitting company recommends three visits a day. One in the morning to feed your furr baby breakfast, take them out to use the bathroom and for a short walk and give them the attention they need.

A midday visit can be shorter in length just to let the dog out for a bathroom break and some play time. An evening visit would consist of feeding, taking the pup out for a 20-min walk or some play time in the fenced in yard. Water bowls are always refreshed and cleaned out each visit.

If you have a puppy you can always add an extra visit during the day so you can ensure your pup gets to use the bathroom multiple times a day. If your dog suffers from separation anxiety you can look into booking an almost overnight visit or overnight care for your furr baby. Our pet sitters love to cuddle with your four legged family member and they will ensure your dogs get the care and attention they need.

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