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How to prepare your pet sitter for success:

It's your first time leaving your furry friend at your pet sitters care while you have to be away from them. This blog will talk about how to get your pet all prepared for the time you are away from them:

  1. Make sure your pet has vet care on island established. It's good to have a vet that has seen your pet before and have their healthcare records on file in case of an emergency were to happen while you were away. If you don't have a vet on island yet, we recommend taking your pet to the vet before the start of your pet's pet sitter visit. Annual check ups are also recommended so that if there was something going on with your pet health wise, the vet could catch it before your travels. Pets stress level often rises when their owners are away from them for an extended period of time and and that's why having annual check ups is a good way to catch any sickness ahead of the time.

  2. Leave detailed feeding instructions: You can type up feeding instructions in our pet care software. That way our pet sitters always have your notes on hand.

  3. Make sure you leave a emergency contact for your pet incase our pet sitters were not able to reach you. Preferably this is someone who isin't on the trip with you and who can make decisions about your pet's wellbeing while you are away.

  4. Make sure your personal medications are locked away in a medicine cabinet etc. We don't wan't your curious pet getting into any of your medications as that could be life threatening for them.

  5. Go over your normal pet care routines with our pet sitter. Talk about your pets normal behavior and what they enjoy most.

  6. You are all set to enjoy your travel's knowing your pet is in good, caring hands

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