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Valentines Day is coming-Keep your chocolates out of reach! -Maui

The day of love is the 14th of February. Often valentines day is associated with chocolates, flowers and gestures of love and appreciation. All lovely things, but do remember to keep chocolate away from your dogs as it is toxic for them!

The risk of your dog becoming sick due to ingesting too much chocolate depends on your dogs weight and the amount consumed by your dog. Some chocolates contain more of the toxic substances than others:

The most toxic Chocolates are:

  1. Cocoa powder (most toxic)

  2. Unsweetened baker’s chocolate

  3. Semisweet chocolate

  4. Dark chocolate

  5. Milk chocolate

Our pet sitters know chocolate is toxic for dogs and have been educated on the signs of chocolate poisoning on dogs. Symptoms of poisoning usually happen 12-hrs after chocolate is consumed. Signs of poisoning include:

Dog with a branch in their mouth
Maui pet sitter

What to do if your dog ate chocolate? Here is what our pet sitters are trained to do:

Call your (the dogs)veterinarian immediately or call the poison help line at

(855) 213-6690. If your vet is not open call Central Maui Animal Clinic (808) 893-2380 in Kahului. They are open 24h 7-days a week. Your veterinarian might recommend monitoring your dog at home for the symptoms listed above based on your dogs size and how much chocolate they consumed.

Please make sure to keep chocolates out of reach of dogs and best yet-train them how to leave it-on command when it's something you don't want them to consume.

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