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Maui Faves

Our Maui community is at the heart of what we do. What better way to honor the local pet loving community than with promoting our very favorites below! 

Maui Pet Businesses


A to Z Aardwarks to Zebras INC

Heidi's go to vet on island. Located in Naalae Rd. Kula  Dr. Kaufman is fair and very knowledgable. If your looking for personable care we highly recommend him


Beauty and the Beast

Claire Castro has her grooming shop in Makawao Town. Not only is Claire fair and great with pets, she's also funny! 

04 Hoomaha Road
Makawao HI 96768 
808 281 3100

No website here


Perfect Hoof Fit

Mary Klein is a journeyman farrier. She is fair, professional and always has the horses best interest in mind. 

Mary Cell:

(808) 870 4606

No website yet

Dog beds

We love Scandinavian Sheepskin rugs! Dogs LOVE to lay on them. It keeps them cool during the summer and warm and cozy in the winter. And they look good in your house. Perfect for up country weather. We bring them from Finland. They last a lifetime and are easy to care for.Feel free to inquire!

Maui's Pet-Friendly Restaurants-Makawao

General store/Deli

Makawao Rodeo General

Get the town's best poke bowl and a  local kombucha to go! Walk in with your dog and more than often your pup will get a treat from the cashier. Watch the kitty cat lay on the register table selling her own face as stickers. Benefits go to the Maui Humane Society. This store doe not lack of personality to say the least.


Garden cafe

Enjoy your lunch outside and watch the chicken rule Makawao Town. The chicken curry salad is delish and treat yourself to those home made cookies while your at it.


Coffee Shop


Grab a matcha and enjoy some Banana bread. Kick back with your pooch in this cute little coffee shop tucked away from the"hustle and bustle"



Take your pup out to lunch to this charming little restaurant with a beautiful outside courtyard. Listen to the locals talk story and have some fish tacos or breakfast during the weekends. 

Maui's Dog Parks

Dog Park

Makawao Dog Park

Introduce the company and why you recommend them! Personal touches are great here - why did you choose this particular biz?


Dog Park

Keopulani Dog Park

Secured and safe dog park inside the main area


Dog-Friendly Hike

Kilohana Park -Kihei

Multipurpose area and aSmall dog park. A nice green space for you and your pup with some picnik tables and drinking water for you and your pup!

Dog Park

Kilohana dog park


Nice green space for you and your pup. Drinking water available for both of you!

Check out the fun your pet can have with us!

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