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New Clients

Our Process

So how does all of this pet sitting care business work and where do I get started? Here are the 3 easy steps:



The Intake Form

Fill out our intake form. Please fill out your address, potential travel dates, what are your pet care needs.



The Meet & Greet

Get your meet & greet party scheduled! This one is on us! In the 30-min Meet and Greet we will come over to meet you and your furr babies,, go over the pet/farm care routine and see if's a good fit. 



The Grand Ole' Fun!

Schedule services & enjoy! We will send you a welcome letter to our pet care software were you will sign a pet sitting contract and a vet release form, input your pets care instructions, access info etc. After the onboarding is completed you can easily book services trough the app. Once they get confirmed by admin we will email you an invoice. Payment is due before the first day of service, Then you are all set! Sit back and enjoy pet care report cards from a click of an email.

FAQ + Important Info

Here are some commonly asked questions and answers

1. How will I know my pet sitter will be there for the pet visits?

Each visit is GPS tracked and you will receive daily report cards with pictures of your pet in your email after each visit. This makes communication with pet owners seamless and easy.

Why should I use a professional Pet Sitter and what should I look for when booking a pet sitter?

A professional Pet Sitter is insured and bonded and has been firs aide certified for pets. If something happens to your pet or house while in the pet sitters care your pets are covered. They often have a team or if they are solo they have back up in case of an emergency or illness. Look for a Pet Sitter that wants to bond with your pet and who you feel comfortable with. You can always ask for references as well. Most professional pet sitting business belong to some kind of a pet sitter organization like NAPPS or PSI. It shows they take your pets well being seriously.

What are the steps in booking a Pet Sitter?

  • Fill out a intake form We will get back to you and schedule a Meet and Greet

  • Let's get the party started! We get to meet you and your furry Ohana. This visit is to bond with your pet, go over the care routine, hand out lockbox or key placement. It is a complimentary 30 min visit.

  • After the meet and greet with a pet sitter, a welcome letter from a pet care software will be emailed to you. You are required to electronically sign a pet sitting contract and a vet release waiver. Then you get to the fun part: Filling out your pets information, care instructions etc.

  • We will send a booking confirmation for your requested dates. 

  • Invoice will be sent to your email prior departure

  • You are all set!

Download the Mobile App!

Download the "Time to Pet" App on your phone!

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